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Voice Lessons
by Ann Sterling
In Association with
Preparatory Academy of Performing Arts

A Step by Step Guide to Voice Lessons
The Definitive Singers Handbook
by Hurricane Ann Sterling

This book will cover general step-by-step vocal instruction with breathing, placement, diaphragm-manipulation and the necessity of good posture, in direct easy to understand terms. I cover many items pertaining to the diverse areas that are associated with the art and process of singing and the music business as a whole, including the all too often overlooked copyright and publishing aspects as well.

Iíve even suggested other vocal instruction and music business reference books, which I, as a professional singer and vocal instructor would highly recommend. Iíve also taken it upon myself from an instructorís point of view, to offer my opinion about the good or bad points on the particular books or workout tapes without trying to sound too critical. I will try to remain as objective as possible.

My ultimate goal is to help you gain as much general knowledge about singing and this ďever evolving business of musicĒ as possible without you having to spend and/or waste, more time and money. Iíve recently actually read a vocal instruction book where, in the introduction, the author states that they never learned to sing from books, teachers or schools. This approach is inconceivable to myself, would you pay for a doctor's care and advise if heíd never been to medical school?

I think I can honestly say the opposite. Iíve studied long and hard with many professional vocal coaches, Iím in constant touch with other professional singers and musicians. Many of whom are the inspirations for writing this handbook.

Unfortunately, you canít go to college to get a degree for show-business. There are however, classes you can take to prepare yourself for this business that will give you an excellent background, there is a section on this. The better you prepare yourself, the more likely you will achieve the success you hope for.

Iíve met too many singers, musicians and songwriters floundering around without even a clue as to what they are doing or how to go about it. Knowing only that one-day they're going to get that big break in the sky and next theyíre going to be a star. Unfortunately, so many of these aspiring artist are unaware of the danger of being ripped off, taken advantage of, loosing thousands of dollars their family and loved ones have invested in the hopes of helping them make it. Iíve included a very detailed section on these schemes and how to avoid them and how to know when itís a legitimate offer.

I feel that the research I have done along with the in-depth insight from other singers and vocal instructors and professional medical technicians who have contributed their written material and comments pertaining to the appropriate subjects, will add further depth than merely a vocal instruction book written entirely by a vocal teacher alone without the use of cross-reference.

Included are some helpful Internet sites, some of which are not only informative but are also a type of a database in search of particular talents and the cost if any.

However, you may choose to read this book, section by section which is what I recommend, and follow the C.D for that section the total price is:$40.00 + S & H of $6.95, - (shipping internationally is extra). My goal is to give you the facts as clearly as possible, or give you references that might help you find the answers you are looking for.
Remember, it is not enough to ask questions, it is knowing what questions to ask! To start, just email me at and let me know if you would like to order the handbook and C.D. the total with tax and shipping is $46.95 you can either opt to pay by sending a check or by paying through PayPal with the link below, to me it's safer to pay with PayPal.
To get you started, I have included a part of Section One here:

"Why should singers warm up? No one would expect a gymnast to stand up and perform back-flips after a full meal, but singers who are dinner guests are frequently asked to perform "on-the-spot entertainment," after dessert and coffee. The wise singer will politely decline, rather than reveal his raw vocal product, which is further hindered by a bloated stomach! Warming up allows the singer to "get-in-touch" with herself or himself, both physically and psychologically, and to experience that kinesthetic self-awareness which is the foundation of a secure vocal technique.

So, of course the first part of the C.D. covers humming as an excersize! Nice tunes to hum to!

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